Noah's Train continues its tour through Europe

Noah’s Train, the freight train launched by the members of the Rail Freight Coalition as a symbol of their engagement to reduce the sector’s impact on the climate and mobility , hasn’t reached its final destination after all. It is now headed south to Italy.

The train arrived in Brussel on 20th February after having made its way from the Polish city of Katowice through Vienna, Berlin and Paris. In each city, two containers were painted by local street artists to raise awareness to the potential of rail as a solution for climate, health and mobility issues. Rail emits 9 times less CO2 than road transport, causes 8 times less air pollution and is 6 times more energy efficient.

The colourful train underlines the rail freight sector’s ambition to increase their modal share to 30% by 2030. And the engagement is growing! The train is now continuing its journey through Europe and headed to Italy. In the beginning of May, it will halt in Rome, where two more containers spray-painted by local artists will be added. The event takes place in Roma Tiburtina station on Tuesday 7th May 2019 from 10h00-13h00.

To be continued…